Eligibility to participate

You are eligible to complete the survey if you are currently a resident in the Nelson area and are able to complete the survey questions in English, unassisted or assisted.

If not then thank you for your interest. Please consider passing this survey on to others who may be eligible to complete this survey. We want to hear from as many people as possible.

You have until 5pm on 25 March 2020 to submit your answers.

After completing the survey, you can enter a prize draw for a $100 grocery voucher/prezzy card, if you wish.

Learn more about how the Age-friendly Community Survey.

Gender Required
Ethnicity Required
Years resident in Nelson Required
I enjoy living around here Required
I think of this as a desirable place to live Required
I feel safe around here during the day Required
I feel safe around here at night Required
I am involved in my neighbourhood or community in ways I want to be Required
How would you rate your community or area as a place for you to live as you age? Required

Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

From your experience, how would you rate the following in your community or area?

There are well-maintained and safe green spaces for me to visit Required
Benches or other seating are available along footpaths and in green spaces Required
Footpaths are in good condition, free from obstructions and are safe for pedestrian use Required
Footpaths are accessible for wheelchairs or other assistive mobility devices Required
There is adequate street lighting Required
The street and community buildings/facilities signage is adequate Required
Community buildings and facilities are well-maintained and are accessible to people of different physical abilities Required
Public toilets are clean, well-maintained and are accessible to people of different physical abilities Required
Nelson City Centre is a destination I visit and enjoy spending time in Required

Respect, Social Participation and Inclusion

How would you rate the following in your community or area?

I am regularly consulted by public, voluntary and commercial services on how they can serve me better Required
Nelson City Council service staff are courteous and helpful Required
There is a wide range of activities or groups I can join (exercise, art, music, gardening, hobbies, etc.) Required
There are community activities and events that bring both younger and older people together Required
Activities and events are held in locations that are accessible to me Required
Important information is provided in printed format and is easy to read Required
There is public access to computers and the Internet for free or low cost. Help is available if required. Required
I am encouraged to volunteer and remain engaged in the community Required
I feel respected and recognised by my local community Required
Thinking about your friendships and how often you see and chat to others – how happy are you with your social contact? Required