Paul Steere, Chair of the Community Steering Group

Paul’s early career with a British multinational centred on international trade and primary production.

Having sole charge responsibility for a NZ subsidiary, Paul then managed their operations in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Returning to NZ, Paul ran the Northern Wairoa Dairy Company then joined the NZ Dairy Board with responsibility for the NZ production and global sales of all milkfat products, over NZS$1.1b.

In 1994 Paul came to Nelson managing the merger forming the NZ King Salmon Company. This is now the pre‑eminent global salmon company, commanding quality premiums throughout the world. Paul stepped back from executive stewardship in 2009 into governance.

He is a Director of NZ King Salmon, Chair of Nelson Airport Limited and Allan Scott Wines and Deputy Chair of NMIT. Paul was also on the National Board of NZ Red Cross for 10 years, including three as National Vice President.

Mary Jaksch

Mary is passionate about helping others enjoy the later part of life. Born in 1947, Mary is an author, a blogger, and a fitness enthusiast. Her book, Youthful Aging Secrets, is an international success.

Mary came to Nelson in 1983 and was (as Mary Grodd) the first female Director of the Nelson School of Music. After her career as a classical musician, she developed skills as a counsellor and a writer. She says: “It’s never too late to reinvent yourself!”

Mary trains regularly as a 5th Dan Blackbelt in Seido Karate and enjoys road cycling as well as CrossFit training. Spirituality is an integral part of her life. She is a Zen master with students in New Zealand, South America and Europe.

Chris Allison

Chris is a clinical psychologist working in mental health and well-being promotion for Health Action Trust. He has previously worked with Nelson Hospice, oncology and cancer society, and with adult mental health services in Auckland.

Chris’ focus on the Steering Group is on how good mental health and resiliency can be fostered at an individual and community level and carried into older age, and how the policies and the planning that occurs at a population level can help or hinder this. Some examples would include our design of public spaces, building and housing codes, and how we think about and provide transport and mobility.

Chris is particularly interested in seeing that policies and planning decisions in one area don’t lead to unanticipated consequences in others, especially for older people.

Nanai Naseri

Nanai is of Samoan ethnicity and is a retired counsellor with experience working in the community and for organisations. Nanai currently runs a Christian boutique healing retreat in Hira with wife, Christina. Nanai’s focus is on how social connection and fellowship contributes to well-being.

Ian Catto

Ian arrived in Nelson in 1967.He is a retired pharmacist who managed a business in Nelson for 36 years.Ian is an active member of Rotary and Probus, a member of the Marsden Valley trapping group and a supporter of the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary and Suter Art Gallery. Ian enjoys tramping, swimming and sailing and appreciates having access to these activities in the Nelson region. Ian and his wife has been fortunate to travel extensively overseas and he has gained a good knowledge of the world.

Sarah Brown

Bio to come.