By 2040, one-third of Nelson’s population is expected to be over 65 years old.

This presents both an opportunity and a challenge for Nelson.

The City For All Ages strategy, created by a community steering group with the support of Council, has a vision for Nelson – to foster an age-friendly community that values the experience and wisdom of all people.

How? By using the skills and expertise of multiple partners, we’re planning actions and activities that will make our city a better place to live for everyone, not just our older residents.

For example, widening footpaths and providing more public seating will help older residents, but it’s also beneficial for many others in our community, as anybody who’s tried to navigate a narrow path with a buggy or a bike will tell you.

But the strategy is about more than just practical changes. The demographic swing will mean challenges for the economy, housing, labour, transport, and healthcare.

For instance, people are staying in work for longer. And, if one-third of Nelson’s population is going to be aged over 65 by 2040, we’re going to need them to. Supporting our older adults to stay in employment, become entrepreneurs, or share their time and skills by volunteering will bring real benefits to our economy and community. Our older residents’ ongoing contribution will be vital for the wellbeing of Nelson.

The strategy contains many more ideas, but now we want to hear yours. You don’t need a gold card to contribute, we know there are more excellent ideas out there, and we want to hear from everyone in our community – not just our older adults. We all have a role to play in making our community a City For All Ages.

The steering group is keen to hear views. What have we missed? Who do you think we could partner with to best deliver your ideas?

The strategy is a living document and will continue to be updated as we add more actions. Send your ideas to and help us shape a City For All Ages.

Read the City For All Ages Strategy

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Professor Stephen Neville from AUT’s Centre for Active Ageing speaks about building age-friendly communities.