This includes health, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, fitness and physical training, hobbies, sports activities, community care, support services eg. support for caregivers, dementia support, residential care.

Stoke Seniors

A dynamic club for social seniors. The activities programme is full and varied to enhance the social, physical and mental well-being of members. Transport, lunch, lots of activities.


Social includes community support, respect and non-discrimination, inclusion, appropriate services, activities for older adults, intergenerational connection and avoiding age-segregation, neighbourhood gathering places, visiting programmes for the housebound.


AgeConnect aims to help build friendships and community connections for the over 65s across the Nelson Tasman region. Find out about the exciting events and activities for older people in the region.


Housing includes affordability, choice, warm and healthy construction, universal design in new builds, ageing-in-place, crime prevention, catering to older residents during emergencies.

Good Homes update

Research has found that more older people are renting, and numbers are expected to grow in all areas of the country. Good Homes is a website that presents research findings and information tools from several housing research programmes primarily funded through NZ public good science funding.

To help older tenants and homeowners with their housing information needs, a group of researchers have developed some practical tools, based on insights gained from many older people and community organisations about changing housing needs and aspirations as we age.

The tools have recently been updated and provide practical information covering topics such as tenant rights, finding a rental and being a successful tenant. The interactive decision support tool, My Home My choices has also been updated. This tool helps older people think about their home and what could work for them in the future, including the opportunities and constraints provided by their current home, and the issues or concerns they might have about their living environment now into the near future.

They are both great resources and useful for both homeowners and renters. Please share these resources amongst your networks.

See the updated resources on renting

Check out the updated My Home My Choices tool


Work includes paid and volunteer work, support for working longer, age-friendly employment policies, encouraging entrepreneurial activity, age-diverse workforce, encore careers, promoting volunteering opportunities.

Volunteer Nelson

Volunteer Nelson works to match volunteers with not-for-profit organisations. Find a volunteer opportunity that suits you.

Working after 65: some questions to consider

How we understand life after 65 is changing; for many people it is time of new possibilities and opportunities.


Information includes age-friendly communication, lifelong learning, digital literacy, accessible information.


SeniorNet Nelson is part of a community training network that supports and motivates people aged over 50 to use and enjoy computers and other technology in their everyday lives. Easy, friendly learning at a relaxed pace.


Mobility includes promotion of active transport, safe walking and cycling environments, availability of public transport, community transport services for the disabled and those with special needs, road safety and safe driving.

Nelson City Council Accessibility Report 2020

As a part of efforts to make Council accessible to all, Barrier Free Trust training was held for staff. This led to staff looking at what was available in terms of accessibility advice and putting together a simple guide.

Total Mobility

A Nelson Tasman a door-to-door passenger transport scheme for people with mobility issues due to disability. It's designed to use regular taxi vehicles, passenger service operators, and modified taxis for wheelchair access.


Outdoors includes barrier free public spaces and buildings, access to services eg shops and amenities, safe and clean environments, accessible neighbourhoods with appropriate services, outdoor seating and shade, easy access to nature, heritage protection to preserve memories and continuity.

Walk Nelson

Whether you feel like a shorter walk closer to home or a day walk to get away from it all, it’s possible in Nelson and Stoke. Find walking routes around town, or head into the hills and forests for some heart thumping, boot stomping fun. Maps and routes.